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Sprouted in 1972

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Codiaeum "variegatum" pictum

Tropical shrub

Full sun to full shade

Regular to little water

Slow growing to 4 FT tall and wide

Excellent container plant or specimen

Many varieties of all shapes and colors


Schefflera arboricola variegated

Evergreen tropical plant

Full sun to part shade

Moderate water

Grows 4-6 FT tall and wide

Varigated Schefflera arboricola                

Philodendron xanadu

Tropical shrub

Prefers part sun to full shade

regular to little water

Grows 2-3 FT tall and 3-4 FT wide

Can be used as indoor plant

Grown for foliage, shiny/glossy texture to leaf

Philodendron Xandu              

Philodendron selloum


Moderate water

Full to part sun

Treelike shrub 6-10 FT high and wide

Typically has a single trunk that leans with age

Philodendron Selloum              

Jatropha Curcus

Evergreen shrub

Light shade to full sun

Moderate to regular water

Various plant parts are extremely poisonous if ingested


Ixora coccinea

Flowering shrub

Full sun

Regular water

2 FT tall by 2-3 FT wide

Prefers acid soil

Moderately salt tolerant


Allamanda schottii

Flowering shrub

Full sun

Regular water

4 FT tall and 3 FT wide

Salt tolerant

Allamanda Bush              



Eugenia myrtifolia

Tropical shrub

Full sun to partial shade

Regular water

Grows 4-8 FT tall and 2-4 FT wide

Very trainable shrub

Can be used as a topiary

Brush Cherry              

Cordyline fruticosa

Evergreen tropical

Moderate water

Full sun to part shade

Good container plant

'Red Sister', 'Xerox', and 'Black Magic'

Hawaiian Ti Plants              

Sophora tomentosa

Native Evergreen Shrub

Full sun promotes more blossoms, but tolerates shade

Moderate watering

Grows to 6' tall and wide but can be maintained less

Salt tolerant

Necklace Pod              

Juniperus procumbens

Evergreen ground cover

Full sun to light shade

Little to regular water

Grows 1 FT high and 4-6 FT wide

Good on beach-side or in containers


Syngonium podophyllum

Shade or indirect sunlight

Moderate watering

Let dry in between waterings

Great indoor or patio plant


Strelitzia nicolai


Full sun to full shade

Regular to little water. good for low water usage

Clumping tree-like plant to 30 FT tall

Flower is white with dark blue "tongue"

Good for poolside; Plants produce no litter and withstand splashing

Birds of Paradise White              

Alocasia portadora


Full to part sun

Regular to aquatic or wetland plant

8', upright, cold hardy

Non aggressive, prefers rich organic soils

Alocasia portadora              

Plumbago auriculata

Flowering Shrub-free form

Full sun to light shade

Little to regular water

Vigorous grower to 4 FT tall and wall

Salt tolerant-not wind tolerant


Brugmansia candida

Tropical Shrub

Full sun to light shade

Regular water

Blooms in summer and fall

Fast growing 10-12 FT tall and 6 FT wide

Prefer moist, well drained, fertile soil

Angel's Trumpet            

Cordyline fruticosa

Evergreen palm-like shrub

Part sun to shade

Regular water and soil stays warm

Grows 6-8 FT tall and 3-8 FT wide in frost

Can be an indoor plant

Cordyline 'Goldedge Red Sister'            

Heliconia psittacorum 'Andromeda'

Full sun to part sun

Ample water

Grows 3-4' tall and has a tendency to spread

Prefers fertile, moist, acid soil

Excellent cut flowers

Heliconia Andromeda

Tropical plants