Lindleys Garden Center

1232 Canal Street

New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168


Open Tuesday-Saturday 9am-5pm

             Sunday 11am-4pm

    Closed Monday and Holidays


Sprouted in 1972

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Consignment Art

Stock up on the supplies you need

You'll need more than just plants to make your garden perfect. Turn to us for a wide variety of great fertilizers, equipment, pots, and everything else you need to create and display your beautiful garden.

Our stock changes every week, so check back often!

We carry potting mixes, insecticides, and more

Turn to us for supplies and pots of all kinds


Need help picking out the right supplies? Just speak with our staff. Our family owned team will treat you right.

There's no need to haul your purchases back home. Ask us about our delivery services!

Pick out the perfect accent for your garden


6-24" sizes, glazed, terracotta, white-wash terracotta,  self watering pots, round, square, rectangle, oval, oblong, hose pots, vases, urns.


Fountains at Lindley's range from table top to 2-3 foot tall fountains. This is so you can take it home that day and set them up. Setting up fountains from Lindley's is a breeze. Add water, find an electrical source, just plug the pump in and sit back an enjoy. The hardest part will be deciding where to put your new fountain.

Orchid Supplies

Cedar  baskets, clay pots, glazed orchid pots, bark mixes for potting up orchids, sphagnum moss, wire baskets, wire hangers, orchid clips, s-hooks, fertilizer, pest and fungus controls are also available.

Consignment Art

Stained Glass Mosaics, Palm Tree Art, Mosaic Pots and Wall Art.

Wind Chimes

At Lindley's we carry nice selections of wind chimes. One of the makers is Woodstock Chimes. They have a wide range of chimes from Emperor Gong to finely tuned musicals. Lindley's also carries Asli Art Chimes. The majority of these chimes are made from bamboo. This gives off a very tropical sound.

Pest Control Supplies

At our nursery, we carry a very specific selection of insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides. We test and use all products in our own gardens before we put them on our shelves.


If you have bug or fungus problems and don't know what it is or what to do, bring in samples. If it is a lawn problem, dig up a section bordering good and bad sod and put it in a bucket to bring in. We will help you solve the problem.

Gift Ideas

Espoma Fertilizers

Natural Gardening Solutions

Gazing Balls

Add personality and unique style to your garden with an original Michael Gordon Gazing Ball

 •  Stainless Steel

 •  Shatterproof

 •  Weather Resistant

 •  Easy Care

 •  Non-Tarnishing

Iron Works

Lindley's Nursery also carries an always expanding display of iron trellises, plant dollies, copper pots, and plant stands.

Lindley's Special Potting Mix

Special mix made of all-natural materials containing:

 •  65% Florida peat

 •  20% pine

 •  15% cypress dust

 •  10% sand

 •  dolomite

Environmentally safe pest controls

Special mix made of all-natural materials containing:

 •  Concern Copper Soap Fungicide & Insect Killing Soap

 •  Neem oil naturally treats insects, fungus and mites.

 •  Thuricide biological insecticide

 •  Ultra-fine pesticidal oil

Environmentally safe fertilizers and soil amendments

 •  Black Kow, composted cow manure

 •  Blood Meal by Hi-Yield

 •  Bone Meal by Hi-Yield

 •  Espoma

 •  Fish Emulsion by Ferti-Lome

 •  Milorganite

 •  Mushroom Compost

 •  Peat Moss

 •  Sphagnum Moss

Lindley's does carry a variety of specialty fertilizers for Citrus, Palms and Azaleas, as well as, blooming and rooting concentrates. We have a selection of systemic insecticides and fungicides to conquer your plant problems and get you back to enjoying what you see.