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Sprouted in 1972

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House plants

Bring your garden indoors

Check out our selection of houseplants

Don't let your home's walls limit your property's potential beauty. Enjoy gorgeous plants inside, too! You'll find everything you need in our family owned, 3,000 square foot garden center.

Decorate your space with beautiful houseplants


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Trust the family owned team with higher degrees in agriculture.

Spathiphyllum 'Sensation'


Indoors bright light or porch/patio; no direct sun

Ample water; suggested to keep a saucer under plant to help with watering

Grows well in a container eventually reaching 4-5' tall and wide

Fertilize monthly with a 20-20-20 fertilizer

Hoya 'Pink Splash'

Sensation Splath



Morning sun to bright light

Let dry between watering, Does not like wet feet

Inside it grows 2-3' tall and wide

Great potted indoor or porch/patio plant


Chirita Aiko

Indoor bright light or porch patio plant

Water when dry

Produce yellow trumpet like blooms on upright stems

Culture is same as for violets, but they can be more tolerant of neglect